Counterfeit goods are identical or highly similar copies of trademarked goods being offered in the market to take advantage of the benefits enjoyed by esteemed brands.

In recent years, there has been an ongoing debate about the adverse effect of counterfeits .5-7 % of all global trade now comprises Counterfeit goods. Fakes, as they are called, negatively affect the consumers perception of the genuine brand eventually resulting  in a loss of genuine customers .

Counterfeiters are getting smarter and are thinking way ahead of the current detection and enforcement strategies. New plans and strategies combined with the latest technology is needed to get ahead of them and beat them.

Trust Namekarts extensive research and effective enforcement to disrupt counterfeiters market.

We will defend the brand’s reputation and secure the customers by identifying and analyzing the widest range of online infringements .

We detect infringements across all digital channels at all possible locations, be it the neighborhood or a far away country. We achieve this by leveraging our data intelligence technologies and big data analytics.

Our team generates insights from extensive research, strategic services and numerous investigations to generate actionable intelligence and implement those to manage counterfeiting activity.

We proactively manage counterfeiting profiles and generate reports.

Expecting the counterfeiters to disappear completely is impractical . A joint effort is required to combat them. We are here to devise a master plan and advise you to take a few precautions. Together we can win the battle against counterfeiting and successfully protect your brand’s integrity.