Anti –Money Laundering

What is Anti- money laundering?

Set of laws, mandates and procedures aiming to prevent criminals from disguising illegally obtained funds as legitimate income refers to Anti-Money laundering. Money-laundering investigations by law enforcement agencies many times involve examining financial records for some irregularity or dubious activity.

In today’s time, records are kept on just about every substantial financial transaction. Some methods are found to be far more effective than just locating the records of financial transactions they were involved in, when police try to trace the perpetrators.

How can we help you?

 At Namekart, we try to build links in the data, after importing all the information from various sources like transaction data, customer data. This enables the user to get a unified view of all their data via a highly simple interface and helps them analyze and visualize their transactions better.

It is always easier to see the source and destination of your funds via a map. It helps investigators to track the perpetrators, accounts and the money flows more effectively. With our geo-spatial capabilities we show a map of the amounts transferred between entities over time and help the user visualize better.We believe in effective and rapid fraud detection. By easily identifying suspicious links across the data, we simplify the process for critical activities such as locating and identifying low risk customers.