Phishing attacks continue to be  a menace for the businesses and their employees. Simply put, A phishing attack could take the form of a fraudulent message, generally in the form of an email to lure the user into clicking it.

Why do Cyber predators phish?

The objective of most of such phishing attacks is to acquire personally identifiable information or PII. It includes data or all relevant data that can identify an individual. Data like SSN, bank account details, medical and educational records, credit or debit card details. PII stolen is sold in gray marketplaces to identity thieves. They use this information to carry out bank fraud, insurance fraud and fraudulent transactions. This hampers the brand’s image and reputation where customers may feel that their data isn’t safe with the company.


We at Namekart offer a comprehensive solution to detect, prevent and mitigate the phishing attacks with our deep analysis and preventive tools and provide the company with detailed reports and analytics to safeguard their brand’s reputation.


Our adept phishing detection capability will detect the attacks more efficiently than any other in the industry and generate reports instantly. We use multiple intelligence sources to cover a wide range of area to expose the attacks.


In case of an attack, we assure you instant reporting and possible shutdowns of the fraudulent websites as quickly as possible, safeguarding with our fraud casting network and phishing alert sharing.


We will deploy our proprietary tools to prevent phishing and malware attacks to safeguard the brand and shutdown the fraudster’s business.