Competitor Analysis

Whether you’re an established brand or a new startup, it is always advisable to keep track of your competitors in today’s competitive world . Every organization needs to plan strategies  that will drive traffic to their website. Namekarts competitor analysis does extensive research on the competitors domains to give you an edge and future-proof your brand .

We monitor the domain registrations of already established brands, track their actions and provide advice with intelligence to ta plan the next step for empowering the brand. 

The reports generated will give you full information about your competitors new product launches and the amount they spent on them. Our expert team will interpret these results for you and help you formulate strategies . 

How wonderful would it be to remain a step ahead as you get to learn from your competitors mistakes and see how they have evolved . With Namekart’s competitor Analysis , Compare yourself with companies offering similar services or if you plan to foray into a different sector with a company of that sector . 

Key benefits :

Watch out for new competitors with our full scale tracking 

Unravel your competitions strategy 

Track your progress as compared to your competitors (in terms of new product launches)