Crypto Fraud

With crypto being the latest addition in the technological block, scams are prevalent and require our immediate attention. There are many types of scams in the huge world of crypto currencies. A lot of issues are perpetrating including cloud mining, fake exchanges, auto trading robots, Ponzi scheme and fraudulent account managers  .

We are here to help.

We deploy our machine learning capabilities to run algorithms and use big data analytics  to unravel the scams and its perpetrators. We understand the value of your assets and would be glad to help you with our expert knowledge and years of experience.

We help law enforcement agencies and regulators in learning how to secure cryptocurrency and make it accountable. We investigate on a daily basis for any suspicious activity, including any transaction detail (bitcoin) and AML typologies .

New cryptocurrencies means new challenges and risks, planned strategies are required to handle any scams or frauds it may get along with it. Our analytics team is here to guard the brand against any such scams and caution them for anything suspicious.

We also make them aware of the additional crimes where cryptocurrency may be involved. We track and identify the evidence left behind by the perpetrators to uncover the scam as soon as possible .

Blockchain and cryptocurrency go hand in hand. Blockchain forensics is needed for investigating the crimes related to crypto. We have the ability to spot the illicit activity with our deep understanding of blockchain technology.