Cyber Forensics

What is cyber forensics?

Cyber forensics, is the application of scientifically proven techniques to collect, process, interpret, and analyse digital data , and use this digital evidence to give a conclusive description of cyber-crime activities. It also includes the act to make digitised data suitable for incorporation into any criminal investigation. Today, cyber forensics is a term used in conjunction with law enforcement and is being actively used to track threat actors.

Why it required?

There has been a dangerous spike in high-profile data breaches. Organizations with large networks are trying very hard to guard against these advanced intruders who identify and exploit complex vulnerabilities on the most important systems.

What do we do?

 It is of utmost importance to track the perpetrators engaging in malicious activities fast, as threat actors don’t rest. Namekart analyzes all the possible data available of the domain, DNS to trace back and uncover the extent of threat actors.

A comprehensive, real – time view of the network helps trace where the risk lies and helps you build strategies to mitigate it. Namekart provides the organizations with a framework for their cybersecurity hygiene and prepare them for more complex attacks in future.