Namekart Enables Defense services to interact with all of their data combined from all of their systems from a single interface, in unprecedented and unknown ways. All these can be searched simultaneously,

·       Unstructured message traffic,

·       Structured identity data, link charts, spreadsheets,

·       Telephony and documents,

·       Network data and Sensor data

Without the need for a specialized query language.

Namekart Defense enables warfighters to rapidly turn heaps of data into strategies by asking the questions they need answered in a language they understand.

Collective analysis

Data from every geographical source available and fuses it together for actionable intelligence for the people involved irrespective of their location. All this can be made possible with our specialized analytical techniques and modelling algorithms.

Fusing the functions into one system

We help enable mission command across staff functions from within a single system, by a data fusion platform for simple and generic analysis. We give maximum command over data spanning across all the staff sections.