Domain Advisory

Expertise to Law Firms

We also provide our expertise to law firms fighting domain related disputes. With our extensive knowledge in Brand protection, Domain management and Domain disputes, We can guide law firms to fight a robust case against any infringement. Hire us for our  domain consultation services to take advantage of our years of experience.

Custom Consulting

Our team of experts will create a specially designed consulting solution catering to a company’s need, be it a product launch, or an ICANN Participation. Our dedicated and sincere analysts are here to guide and help at each and every step. Request a free demo to check our services

Portfolio Auditing

It is very important to audit and right size the portfolio and we, at Namekart, understand that time frame required to undertake and complete such a task may not fit your busy schedule, thus our experts will execute this task on the organization’s behalf. We Right size the portfolio and reduce overall costs by eliminating futile names. Identify unused domains to sell and ensure that the domains are pointing to relevant content to optimize portfolio value. Our services like domain scoring would help us check the optimization of the portfolio.

Domain Valuation Services

We combine our years of expertise with the latest analytical skills keeping in mind the factors affecting domain valuation to come up with the most accurate prices of the domain as well

Strategize and Build

Risk management and budget constraints are a top priority for any organization is an already known fact.  We contribute by devising strategies for balancing the company’s tolerance for risk and also take into account budget constraints for the formal domain name registration and build the brand’s online presence by maximizing portfolio values and streamline your process.

Domain Dispute ConsultingWe will protect our clients business by securing their domain and fighting a robust case for their legal rights most inexpensively. For recovering your domain from cyber squatters, we do extensive research and analyse each and every aspect of the domain name by deploying unique skills and methods to gauge the intention of the cyber squatters. We also provide our expertise to law firms fighting domain related disputes