Domain Case Study – BCCI

Cricket is the most popular game in India, it is taken very seriously by the people of India as it is widely followed. India is one the biggest driving forces of this game with the board of cricket control India (BCCI), being the richest controlling board. For the same reason, carelessness on the part such an esteemed body is not expected.

BCCI forgot to renew its own domain ( on 4th of February, 2018, the website stayed offline for twenty four hours. The traffic visiting their website for cricket updates and live scores could not connect to the website. What was even more embarrassing was the domain WHOIS information which was revealed to the public. According to the WHOIS information provided, the domain was still registered in the name of Lalit Modi (formal BCCI chairman) who had a fallout with BCCI.

As per the norms, when a premium domain expires the domain goes on auction with the highest bidder getting the ownership of it. Same happened in the case of, two sites ( and put up the domain for auction with the highest bid going till $270 USD. The most famous controlling committee had to face a lot of embarrassment due to this lapse.

The irony was that the richest board had to pay just 1000 (subject to vary from domain name to domain name) to renew their domain when they get a funding of millions every year from ICC. Thus, it was not about the money should be mere oversight maybe due to lack of time.