Domain Health Check

The web is a mysteriously dangerous place, brands need to secure their online presence as well as your customers. We understand how important it is to keep your internet Brand safe. At Namekart, online security is our topmost priority, and that’s why advise round the clock protection for it.

We have specialized services and tools to secure the domain. Some of the strategies used by us are

·        IP restrictions

·        Registry Locking

·        Two-factor Authentication

·        DNS Monitoring

·        Domain masking

We believe in full scale protection, offer confidentiality to our owners until they are ready. Also, customized levels for each of the domains of the portfolio.

We check the domain’s health from time to time to make sure all the systems are online and are working up to the mark. The DHP report highlights critical problem areas for your domain names that need to be resolved in order for your website to function properly.

We provide full scale Domain health monitoring . The features are :

  • Identifying the problem 

We run regular checks on your domain portfolio from time to time to identify any possible  errors and resolve them.

  • Blacklisting 

We cross reference public blacklists with your domain names in order to make sure none of your domains are in those to ensure hundred percent email deliverability.

  •  Mail Server and Web Server

Notifications and alerts are sent immediately for any problem or status change and run multiple tests to check the performance.

  • DNS Monitoring

In order to check the configuration and performance of the DNS servers , we run more than 10 tests and notify you with reports and alerts instantly if we identify a problem.