Domain Portfolio Optimisation

Owning more than one domain is a very common thing for a company these days. It becomes very important to check their portfolio’s performance. The internet is a tricky place to keep up with as it moves at a very fast pace , it is important to act fast. The domains should be matching the business and live up to its customers perceptions. Thus, it becomes important to check if the domains have their goals aligned and are not overinflated and burdened .

The Namekart solution

Namekart’s experienced analytics team helps brand owners evaluate your domains and improve your domain’s portfolio performance. We provide you with the expertise and intelligence to assess all your domains and access to reports and alerts in case of any issue.

We offer a plethora of solutions to build, organize and maintain your domain portfolio which is essential to manage your online presence.

Learn the score of your domains with Domain scoring in order to build strategies for portfolio optimization easily with the Namekarts scoring algorithm. It is essential to know the value of your domains from your customers’ perspective, we see the current trends and assess the market environment to score your domains, and deploy our technology driven Domain scoring algorithm to  assess the value of your domains.

It is beneficial for your portfolio as it would allow you to  :

Money earned is money saved, reduce costs by managing lower-risk portfolios

Manage your budget by optimizing your portfolio (get rid of meritless domains)

Round the clock scoring for efficient portfolio management .

Know the value of your domain in minutes .

Dedicated manager to guide you in taking decisions regarding your domains.