Domain Risk Score

It is not advisable for us to wait for the threat actors to act. It is always better to take precautions before the threat hits you. Many Domain reputation feeds , observe the domains for any malevolent activity and then report it to get it blacklisted, but the damage has already occurred by then. The time window  created by the delay in response to a threat, exposes the brand’s to fresh attacks by inactive domain names . 

To combat this issue, we have introduced our proprietary tool, Domain Risk Score, which enables us to predict all the possible threats from a domain as soon as it is registered, irrespective of it being observed in any spurious act.

We generate reports after analyzing the risk score which enables the organization to block domains that may prove to be harmful in the future and manage your relationships with other domains.

We analyse various properties of a domain name as soon as it has been registered to gauge the likelihood of the domain in engaging in any malevolent activity. We use our advanced analytical skills to flag the websites that we feel may prove to be dangerous. Our team critically analyses the proximity of the domain with other blacklisted profiles, intrinsic properties of the domain to score for malware, phishing and spam forming the threat profile. Using these capabilities we generate a Risk score for that domain and try our best to protect the website from it.