The impact and reach of E-commerce

E-commerce makes it easier for businesses to reach a much wider audience at a lesser expense than would be required if a traditional method was applied. The need to take up a shop at an expensive location is not urgent. Brands can easily produce or store their goods at any location and can still sell it.

What’s more important is acquiring the right name for your website and having the right extensions and portfolio to reach the correct audience. The cost of developing a website may be high, but is cheaper than expensive street storefronts .

How can we help you?

 E-commerce is the buzzword, with all the businesses going online, online presence is gaining more and more importance by the day. It is very important to be present at the right places to gain prominence and create a niche. Our Consulting services will help you decide what domains suit your portfolio and also assist you in acquiring them. 

An E-commerce company (A) had inventory of 1000 domain names and another E-commerce company (B)  had 200 domain names in their inventory . Slowly and gradually , A , started creating a base and gained a loyal customer base  while B started fading away from people’s memory . it makes us realize the importance of acquiring the right domain names with heavy traffic for your E-commerce company .Managing your inventory of domains is very important , for example it makes sense for “nike.com” to acquire “justdoit.com” . it drives the traffic coming across this website to the original website. We will guide you in acquiring apt domains for driving traffic to your website by utilizing our unparalleled SEO capabilities .