Enterprise Domain Management

Enterprise Domain management is a suite of integrated services offered by Namekart to manage, save and analyze domain data critical to business performance of any organization. We offer data driven solutions to improve efficiency, effectiveness and insights required to optimize your domain portfolio. 

Optimized processes, synchronized payments and consolidation remove unnecessary manual work and reduce operational costs. Enterprise Domain Management processes and advanced technology are used to implement extensive research to provide insight for high level reporting and make better decisions.

Companies are increasingly realizing the importance of their online presence and are taking due steps to effectively manage it. Managing one domain is an easy task comparatively, but if you own more than one domain , you should manage it properly.

Key essentials

Renewal of domains

Complications like domain expiry could lead to grave situations. If the company does not renew its domain on time, its customers will not be available find it online, leading to losses and customer retention. Worst of all, a competitor or rival may pick up your domain name, which may disrupt your business if you are not able to buy it back. 

Yatra.com’s domain expiry fiasco drew a lot of attention and emphasised the need for companies to micromanage their domain renewals.

Click here to download our case study on Yatra.com’s domain expiry

Standardized WHOIS information

Having valid and up-to-date WHOIS is Indispensable .In Case of any dispute, your contact information is used . the name and email fields provided are used to validate your domain. Standardized WHOIS information is required for any organization. Your contact information should be correct and same.

BCCI forgot to renew its domain bcci.tv. What was more shocking was its WHOIS information. The WHOIS information shared showed Ex-BCCI chairman lalit modi to be the owner. This case highlights the importance of standardized WHOIS information.

Synchronized Billing

Customers often use various payment methods for billing like credit card , net banking ,drafts. We provide our customers with the option of synchronized billing for all their payments on a single payment gateway. Also, it is  very time consuming to make payments all year round for the services availed, we have come up with a solution wherein you have to pay just once in a year for the services availed with our Annual payment option.


Have inventories of domains with various domain selling companies ? Many times, companies make domain purchases across the year from different domain selling vendors which results into your domains being scattered across various registrar. This often leads to loss of domains due to non- renewal. Thereby it becomes essential to keep track of all these accounts. We help you consolidate all of your domains with various registrar into a single account with one registrar. We make sure they are configured properly and are renewed on time.