Law Enforcement

The biggest issue faced by law enforcement agencies is that they store their data in numerous databases with no way to access, search, and view their information in one place. Officers and agents are often compelled to access several different databases to combine and compile information on a single suspect, collect relevant data on a point of interest, or investigate a criminal case.

Agencies, investigators must access yet another system to manage their cases. Thus, sharing information requires traditional cut, copy and paste to transfer information.

The Namekart Solution

Traditional environments allow the user to login to many different systems in order to search for the data or engage in a technical activity for any query. Our advanced system helps you out with this problem.

Our Law Enforcement features an intuitive, user-friendly and highly simple interface that allows any agency or investigator to quickly access all the available information in one repository and share cases, link to information and data relevant to an investigation, and create reports.

We also analyze data using visual queries, maps, and link and time series analysis to help our customers understand the data better. We also enable geo –searches for gathering relevant data to gather real time statistics, charts and graphs on the web page.

Namekart provides powerful, built-in privacy protections, including granular access controls and advanced data retention capabilities.