LinkedIn As A Service

When used correctly, LinkedIn can cause miracles in shaping a company’s image. The employees associated with the brand, company’s overall profile helps shape the image of the brand. Make your company stand out on LinkedIn to establish your brand.

Namekart will help you build your presence on LinkedIn. We will formulate a master plan to improve your presence by monitoring your current and ex-employees profile and ensure your appropriate presence on their profiles, share relevant updates at prime hours, manage recommendations and eliminate irrelevant entries.

Social media platforms like facebook and twitter are highly competitive and crowded platforms whereas  linkedin is a relatively smaller platform with more relevant and professional businesses to market yourself . it is easier to become the “big fish” at linkedin . Unlike other platforms , you have to spend considerably less on AD services on linkedin and scale your business easily .

How can we help you?

Manage your connections 

Enhance your Brand profile 

Publish on your behalf 

Enhance your employees profile 

Generate leads and grow your business with our advanced SEO capabilities .