Reputation Management

Reputation management isn’t just getting rid of your negative reviews and improving your search results, it is much more. It is a detailed strategy to improve your brands online reputation, designing and developing ideas to make your presence better. What people see in the search results may not be a true reflection of your company, you may be getting positive reviews, but staged competitor attacks may lessen the effect of the positives. We will help you position better and prevent the damage that may be caused.

We will ensure that we identify the staged competitor threats by their attacks, remove ambiguity of your brand from the google search results and establish you as an authority on the internet and social network platforms. Your online presence would be our responsibility and we will make sure that your search results would be reflective of your company with our API integrations and monitoring .

Improve your ratings on:

A platform which enables current and former employees to anonymously post their reviews of the organization and its management. Glassdoor ratings are very important for any organization as any new employee visits the organization’s glassdoor page before joining it. Their decision depends upon the reviews they get to see there.  Thus it forms an important platform to build your company’s reputation.


Capterra helps check others’ opinion of software used by them. It enables other users to choose the right software based on others’ experience. It is the biggest platform for reviewing software and is the winner of Interactive Media Awards (IMA) which further highlights its popularity. Every company needs to be extra cautious of its rating here.


Trustpilot is an open review platform where customers can post their experience with online businesses.

80% of the people read reviews before availing a service and they trust trustpilot as much as personal recommendations. Creating a bad name of your brand on Trustpilot would be the biggest mistake.

These are some of the biggest and most relevant platforms for any organization to build their reputation. It is pivotal to maintain good ratings on these. They project your brand’s image to potential customers and form a great place to build your new customer base .

We will help you increase your glassdoor ratings ,capterra ratings and trustpilot score. An average company has a rating of 3.3 /5 on as some frustrated employees vent out their frustration anonymously on the glassdoor page. We will devise strategies to help you achieve your desired ratings .

Maintaining a  network of trustworthy and credible relationships

Building a relationship of trust and credibility is important for any organisation. we will help create a network of reliable relationships with the brands, clients and other organisations.