Social Media Engagement

It’s the era of social media. Its importance is paramount.

When we think of social media engagement, popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram comes to our mind as they drive the maximum traffic. If the customers engage with you there, they are putting a great deal of trust in your business. Once you gain their trust , they will be your clients for life , if you are unable to do so , they will never engage with you .Thereby ,You should conduct yourself with extreme caution there.

This can be tiresome. Allow us to enter the picture and manage your digital platforms. We will improve your engagement, help you target the right audience and plan strategies to approach them. 

Key Services

We will manage all your platforms from one place.

It can be tiring to manage the content of all your accounts separately. We have come up with an efficient solution , managing all your accounts from one place .

This will include : 

Scheduling hundreds of your posts across all your platforms to keep you active 24*7.

Content curation with statistics of tagging and searching for your team to post.

Monitoring the conversations that matter for your brand and reputation.

Instantly respond to all your messages across all platforms.

Reports suggest that social media is the best place for customers to seek customer service , and with the rise in facebook messenger usage  , 8 billion messages are expected to be exchanged between organizations and consumers each month . A research put in order by twitter suggested that , most consumers expected a reply within an hour . We , at Namekart , believe efficient customer service should be a top priority and assure you of prompt replies across all digital platforms.

Track your performance and devise strategies to grow your audience.

Track your performance with social analytics . Build insightful custom reports to measure the impact of your social media posts and content . Share the insights about your clients with your team and devise strategies to grow your audience .