Your Role in Protecting Your Brand

Is your company doing everything it can to build and protect your brand’s reputation in this super digital age? It doesn’t matter what your product is , what matters is a carefully designed brand protection strategy and it starts with your role in the company .


As the flag bearer, ensuring brand protection should be a high priority and that can be taken care of by defining certain standards and responsibilities.

Marketing team

As the drivers of the business, the marketing team is the brand voice and they know the best who they are catering to. Cyber security is marketers responsibility as well as they manage the sensitive information.


As they prepare the defenses and protect the rights, they need to constantly innovate their strategies against the infringement and to identify the malicious activities.

Information Technology

Information technology plays a major role in protecting the brand. It needs to ensure that the domain portfolios are performing optimally and are managed carefully. Also, they need to mitigate phishing attacks and safeguard their domains against any cyber-attack.