Brandbucket is a brandable domains marketplace. They have a huge inventory of tens of thousands of names to offer to their clients.

While we at Namekart understand the excitement of having the option of browsing through a thousand unique names but at the same time, we realise that it can be a tiring task leading to confusion. We put a lot of effort to understand your brand concept and brand story and share a well-curated list of 50-80 brand domains for your startup. Along with it, we also assign you a dedicated account manager for a faster and better purchase journey.

SEDO helps you acquire domains (“all things domaining in one place” as mentioned on their website). They offer broker service, domain valuation and domain transfers.

While Namekart not just helps you acquire domains but also helps you recover your domains in case of a dispute, we also provide consultations regarding portfolio optimization and help you remove junk from your portfolio to save your money. Furthermore, we have zero upfront fees unlike