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Namekart is a global boutique domain name brokerage firm specialising in the representation and acquisition of premium domain names for entrepreneurs.The company’s award-winning, distinguished management team retains years of combined experience working with a multitude of industry-defining organisations including Walt Disney, Microsoft, DE Shaw and IBM.


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How We Work

Understanding The Brand

We conduct an introductory phone call with the founding team to understand their brand story and vision. We will ask all the relevant questions required to secure you a cool domain name matching your brand's image.


We understand the importance of staying one step ahead of the competitors. Our team will do an extensive research of the brands industry and its competitors to come up with the best ideas for your domain name which will enhance your brand's worth.


Our dedicated team will brainstorm all the ideas after a thorough research and prepare a list of domains for you to choose from.

Dedicated Account Manager

We will assign you a Dedicated account manager who would be responsible for all your concerns going forward. With their years of experience, the dedicated account manager would assist you in finalising the right name from the shortlist

Price Discovery

As we decide on a name, we will try to get the domain name for you at lowest price possible with our exceptional negotiation skills.

Escrow & Delivery

Transaction is done via, the industry standard where the funds submitted by you to escrow will only be released to the buyers when you take full control and ownership of the domain.

Ongoing Brand Protection

Once the name is delivered, we provide you continuous guidance on how to protect and safeguard your intellectual property online and defend against any attacks.

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Our Clients

From seed-stage startups to Fortune 500 companies, Namekart has served over 1800 clients across 75 countries. We are the first choice of VC funds and Angel Investors when recommending a domain broker!

“In 2001 we purchased for  $11m… a crazy sum of money. Now we 
look back and think, what a bargain!”


News & Updates

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