New Domain Extensions

What are the new extensions? Why should I acquire them?

Extensions are essential for your branding as it affects your domain considerably. It is necessary to choose the right extension that works and goes with your brand image.

Most are just familiar with .com extension, and there were only 22 top-level domains or domain extensions earlier. However, with ICANN realizing that the supply of ideal TLDs was shrinking, they thought the remedy should be adding new extensions. This allows one to be creative, reach out to more people, and be more searchable. Brands have been adopting new extensions to target new audiences. (a WordPress hosting and maintenance expert) acquired as it was short and memorable, and decided to make it their primary website. Now their original website redirects to 

Microsoft co-founder used even though he could acquire, as he found it more significant and catchy.

If we talk about technology, then .tech was sold at $6.7 million at an auction.

.tech extensions are incredibly relevant for smart branding and are extensively by startups and already established brands. Many tech companies bought .tech as they wanted a shorter name, but at the same time wanted people to know that they are technology companies. Big companies like Viacom, Bluedot and Consumer Electronics Show(CES) have also started this extension after realizing its benefits.

Likewise, .store and .shop are very simple and direct, expressing their purpose and target audience very clearly. It clears ambiguity separating your e-commerce website from any other site.

If you are a company situated in London, New York City or any other geographical extension available, you can bring more traffic to your website by acquiring the extension. For example, the Eiffel tower in Paris uses the extension

Talking about .ai, it stands for Artificial Intelligence and has gained immense popularity as a domain extension for AI-based tech startups and businesses. It makes a relevant TLD for programmers and startups to host their websites and target the right niche audience. Marketplaces have reported excellent sales of this domain extension (being the top two sales), with the average cost being $7000 (

How can we help you?

There are 1000s of extensions available today; deciding what may suit your brand’s image and bring the right traffic to your website is a daunting task. Our expert guidance and services will assist you in choosing the right extension matching your brand’s image. We check the industry standards, current trends keeping in mind your budget and market competition to get you the best extensions.

For example, if you are a technology company, then it is advised that you should acquire .io and .tech extensions to get the right traffic to your website, and if you are coming with an app for your website, you must acquire .app. Namekart’s expert team will assist you in acquiring the right extension after thorough research of your brand to give you an edge over your competitors.

It could be a possibility that the extensions relevant to your business are available today at the right prices but are worth thousands of dollars in the future. Namekart’s analytics team does thorough research and enables you to future proof your brand by purchasing the right extensions, which would prove to be profitable for your brand. 

Many a time, companies often make domain purchases in bulk. These purchases become a part of their inventory resulting in unnecessary expenses of thousands of dollars per year in domain renewal. For example, if you have registered 200 domain extensions, their renewal may cost you thousands of dollars (approximately $3000). We will help you optimize this cost and reduce your burden by removing your junk inventory.

The prices of the new extensions are often negotiable. Marketplaces like GoDaddy do not offer discounts and sell them at fixed prices. If you hire us to make the purchases, we assure you of getting the best deals and discounts (up to 50%). Hire us to save your money rather than going directly to the marketplaces.