Domain Broker

Just as real estate prices increase as top locations are snapped up, so it is for the values of premium domain names. Some of the best generic domain names have been acquired by Fortune 100 companies:

Bank of America bought; CNN owns
Barnes & Noble acquired; Nestle owns

Are you a startup or corporate looking for a cool brand name for a new venture? Or are you looking to increase your online business by acquiring good generic names? Or are you looking to protect your brand by acquiring all possible names around you?

Look no further.

With over 1.5 Million names for sale & brokerage under our belt, and unmatched expertise in this arena, Namekart is the right platform for you.

Domain broker

Namekart’s domain brokerage service helps clients acquire domain names from the domain owner at the lowest price possible. Our experienced, dedicated, and sincere team of professionals will do extensive research to find out who the actual owner is. They will reach out to them anonymously and conduct negotiations to get you the lowest price possible. During this entire process, your identity will never be disclosed to the buyer, so you can rest assured of getting the best deal irrespective of how big your company is.

Zero Upfront fees 

We get paid when we close the deal. We are confident about our competitive team and charge NO UPFRONT FEES. Unlike most other brokerage services, there is no sign-up or annual cost, either.

Transparent Pricing

With Namekart, you can be rest assured that there is no hidden fee. What you see is what you pay for. 100% honest and transparent billing. No surprises.

Dedicated Account Manager 

Ever wondered what it would be like to have a person working dedicatedly round the clock to make sure all your needs are met? 

Don’t worry! Our dedicated account manager is here to help you, with his expertise and knowledge, at every step of acquisition of your domain name. You just have to take one step and leave the rest to your account manager. Our Dedicated Account Manager works proactively to manage your acquisition, provides you with regular updates, and makes sure your transaction is hassle-free at every stage. 

What is the procedure to get the domain of your choice?

Namekart will get you the domain of your choice in four simple steps

  • Hire our Domain broker
  • Let us know the desired domain in your budget
  • We will negotiate and get you the lowest price possible
  • Conduct your transaction in a safe and secure manner