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What makes Namekart a great place to work?

The workforce

We respect diverse perspectives and understand their power. Our team proactively shares ideas and views to formulate a great plan for your brand’s protection. We prioritize the needs and wants of our employees, which makes us the best place to work at.

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Challenging work that makes you grow 

We understand that people rise to challenges and like to be engaged with significant work. We, at Namekart, challenge our employees to contribute more by learning more skills and grow with hands-on experience at work.

Professional growth

Professional growth is a priority at Namekart; we ask our employees what they are interested in doing and how do they see their professional life unfold. Great companies evolve and grow based on employees’ passions.

Stress Buster Activities 

All work creates a dull atmosphere. We engage our employees in many stress buster activities like team outings and trips. We also have a designated time for rejuvenation when our employees can visit our entertainment rooms and play games to relax. 

At Namekart, our most valuable asset is our team. We invite talented and sincere individuals to connect with us and become a part of our team.

   What are the steps?

    1) Apply for the current opening interested

    2) Upload your resume

    3) Wait for the call from our office via mail


Premium Domain Name Analyst


  • Build and enhance models to define valuation of domain names based on extensive internal database of sales history as well as external data
  • Deliver harmonized data from multidimensional data sets to ensure high data quality and integrity
  • Apply linguistic and econometric principals to domain valuation
  • Expand multilingual support for domain portfolios
  • Communicate and successfully operate within distributed multi-department project teams to deliver superior products
  • Leverage prior experience with new product development and participation on new product delivery teams to deliver on-time on-budget on-spec


  • A track record of working with diverse data sets to deliver insightful analytics
  • Experience bringing new products to market
  • Broad knowledge base of structured and applied linguistics
  • Experience with Econometrics theory
  • Attention to detail
  • High professional standards, diligence
  • Creativity, ability to think outside the box
  • Knowledge of at least one foreign language a plus
  • Bachelor’s Degree.


Send your resume and cover letter to <[email protected]> with subject line “Application for Premium Domain Name Analyst”