Should You Buy Multiple Domains

Selecting an easy, relevant, and memorable domain name for your website can be brainstorming. It generally takes quite a significant time and effort. But, is it enough to acquire one perfect name and relax on the couch? Not true!

In the world full of technology, bad actors are always in search of the chances to exploit the assets of businesses illegally. This includes taking false advantage of your brand name, maybe defaming the company, or diverting the traffic from your website in order to slow down the revenue stream. Sometimes, people don’t have poor intentions, yet it might affect the performance of your business. 

Let’s assume your domain is –, and someone in another part of the world has business with the domain – or This will automatically divide the traffic among both of these, because of the super similar names. And there can be thousands of names in different locations with different domain extensions (TLDs), so you can imagine the risk of losing your potential customer. It might lower down the reputation of your company as well.

There are many reasons why you should register multiple domain names for your business:

1.      To gain a geographical advantage: There are more than 200 domain extensions or country code Top Level Domains (ccTLD) that are reserved for various countries. If your company’s presence is in more than the country of origin, or if you think there are some countries where you can probably expand later, it is advisable to register those domain names without even thinking twice. Suppose your company’s domain name is, and your presence is in 4 countries, namely India (origin), Russia, Canada, and Malaysia. It would be great if you can acquire,,, and

2.   Improve Search Engine Rankings: It is essential to notice that Country specific domain names are always ranked higher in any country’s Search Engine Result Page (SERP). Registering keyword domain names can play a vital part in your branding strategy. Names registered for each of your products give customers more ways to find your website. 

3.    To increase your online presence and beat the competition: You can be a step ahead of everyone and purchase a different domain name for all of your products and services. This idea can produce massive traffic for the site. Suppose yours is an ice-cream business. Why not buy all of these –,,,,, and many more.

4.    To save your bucks: The price of an available domain name is close to $12/year, and they are distributed on the first-come, first-serve basis. If a random person has obtained a domain name that looks similar to your product, business or service, you might have to pay him 100 times more than the original name. No one will ever want to waste the money that they’ve earned through blood and sweat. For example, Google has already acquired,, and few other similar looking names.

5.    To protect your brand identity and online reputation: let’s say you have decided not to buy additional domain names. What if someone has published useless, illegal, or some cringy stuff on those websites? Users might lose faith and probably never type that name in their search bar again. 

6.    To separate different target audiences: You might have heard about the Getty Images, a stock photo agency. It deals in both types of supplies B2B and B2C under three categories – media, creative professionals and corporate accounts. It has acquired all of the below-listed domain names to create multiple brands under one umbrella. 

        ,,,, and

7.    To host the email address: When you have more than one domain name, you can use them to host your official emails. This will enhance security, privacy, and protect you from phishing as outsiders won’t get to know these email addresses.

8.   To redirect the quality traffic to your website: Assume that a user wants to buy classy and designer sunglasses; he will eventually type these keywords in the search box. Let’s think that your company’s name is, which is no doubt a great name. But how about purchasing,, or, if available?

Some companies are aware of all these benefits and yet reluctant to invest in purchasing multiple domain names. This might seem an unnecessary expense as of now. However, it will be helpful in the long run.A quick question in the end – Imagine, Hunger diaries restaurant, is located in London. Which extension should it register .restaurant, .london or .uk? Our answer will be – Get them all!